StepMania CVS

StepMania CVS

StepMania CVS 4.0 is a dance game with many options and features to play it
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StepMania CVS is the development version of StepMania, a very enjoyable dance game.
This version adds more features to control the screen, music, background and many other more that increases the options to enjoy it. Even its options screen has more options to enjoy this great dance game. This game also supports many dance games and all games can be played using PC keyboard, dance pad or game pad controls.
As the previous version, It offers options to load and edit music and songs, and also it needs to load songs before to play it. These songs can be down load from its website or also from and there are available songs created by users to download.
It has options to change the beats, accelerate the rhythm and many more options to improve the loaded songs. It also provides options to change its visualization on the screen by changing the background, or producing visual effects with the beats on the songs and many more options to improve visually each song that you played.
There are 4 levels to play from beginners to experts and you can choose whenever you want according to your dance skills. Its GUI is colorful and easy to use for everyone. Its installation process is friendly and easy to perform and you need DirectX 8.0 previously installed. Its documentation is very complete; you need to read it before to play to know how to load songs. StepMania works on Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Linux and OS X platforms.

Ricardo Zayola
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  • StepMania is a good dance game that can play in different ways. Is recommended use a dance pad or game pad control. Read the Readme first document before to use a dance pad to know which type of control you can use


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